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  • The Wheatsheaf

    Masterchef semi-finalist Ollie Hunter and wife Lauren bought The Wheatsheaf pub in Chilton Foliat in November 2015...»

  • Meadow in my garden

    Childhood memories of running around in colourful wild meadows are often the most treasured, but sadly meadows are in decline along with our wildlife. ...»

  • Digger & Mojo

    Clarissa and Yosh Reilly used to live in Papua New Guinea, where the local motto “expect the unexpected” fits their new vintage furniture emporium in Pewsey very well....»

  • Marlborough College Summer School

    In 1978, thanks to an air traffic controller’s strike, the presenters from the BBC “Holiday” programme had to cancel their planned trip to Spain ...»

  • Troutbeck Guest House

    Troutbeck is a stunning guesthouse located opposite the Michelin starred Red Lion at East Chisenbury. ...»

  • Clementine's Shop

    “My mother ran Compton Marbling for over 35 years and organized gift fairs in the courtyard of our family home. When I moved back, I realised it was the perfect opportunity to create exactly the shop I’d always wanted.”...»

  • Nordic Walking with Ashley

    Ashley Sandy learnt to Nordic walk when living in Switzerland in 2006, and has always been interested in improving her own health. ...»

Waste Free February Challenge

Sam Bertram

30 January 2018

Many of us watched Blue Planet 2 at the end of last year and were appalled by how much plastic (and that's just the stuff you can see) is polluting our seas. Obviously much of the onus is on the retailers to reduce plastic in their products & packaging, but if we shop more consciously we can also help reduce waste.  Wiltshire Wildlife Trust are encouraging people to get involved in Waste Free February. So who's ready to join the challenge? So what's it all about?Reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste you put in your bin. Waste is anything that cannot be reused, recycled or composted. They're challenging you to reduce your waste down to just one jam jar in the month. If you can't do the whole month just try for a day or a weekend. And if you can't get down to just a jam jar set yourself another target. The main thing is to make an effort to reduce the waste in your household. So always take reusable shopping bags with you. If you have plastic shopping bags take them back to the supermarket to be recycled. If you think you're going to want a coffee then keep a reusable cup with you. If something is packaged in plastic look for alternatives, buy meat from the butchers and ask them not to wrap in plastic, veg from the market using your own bags. Do refills where possible and look for shops that sell loose grains and pasta. Make your own lunch rather than get a takeaway sandwich, and with cleaning products buy larger units to reduce packaging. For Valentine's Day use more eco-friendly cards and wrapping (No shiny cards and glitter).  Even parts of a tea bag contain plastic so buy loose leaf tea instead. Take some tupperware with you for buying loose products.   If keen to read more about how to take up the challenge see below. Good Luck! https://www.wiltshirewildlife.org/waste-free-february


Favourite sledging spots

Sam Bertram

31 December 2017

We saw a peek of snow before and after Christmas so just in case there's more we asked around for people’s favourite sledging spots.  Here’s the feedback - fingers crossed it snows again!   1. Cherhill Monument near Calne – watch out it can be very fast in places!  You can also see one of Wiltshire’s White Horses while you’re there.   2. Bradford on Avon golf course has been frequented by some mini thrill seekers.   3. The hill above Alton Barnes on the Pewsey Downs is not for the faint hearted. Hold on to your sledges.   4. Head to Heaven’s Gate at the top of Prospect Hill and enjoy the views across the parkland of Longleat and Longleat House before you jump on.   5. Closer to Swindon? Try Coate Water Park, Liddington Hill or the Lawns Woods in Old Town.   6. If you’re in Chippenham head to Monkton Park.   7. Locals love Treacle Bolley in Marlborough or try corner field off the London Road.   8. If you live near Salisbury Plain Widdington Motorcross field at Widdington Farm near Upavon gives a good ride.   9. Take in history while you sledge at Avebury.  Going between the stones can be terrifying but it’s easy to stop at the bottom of the hill.   10. In Malmesbury the place to go is The Worthies - near the entrance to Reeds Farm, opposite the Co-op and below the cricket club and another great spot opposite Willis Brothers at Cowbridge (on the B4042).   11. TAKE NOTE: No sledging trip is complete without a cup of hot chocolate waiting at home at the end & be careful!   Got some more suggestions? We really want to hear about good sledging spots nearer Salisbury, Westbury & Tisbury area. Email us on hello@localuncovered.com and we’ll add them in.  


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

With us all wanting to create a more sustainable planet why not look to buy something local this year for your Valentine?