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Natural Paint: the better choice

Sam Bertram

4 August 2015

When we brought our first born home from hospital the decorators were painting to finish off our extension. I remember wondering if it was good for a baby to be surrounded by so much paint. Well since I’ve met Strong Natural Paints it seems my gut feel was right. Most paints contain a number of chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) which disperse as vapours into the air we breathe.  If you’re sleeping or working in a room you’re constantly exposed to these chemicals and it can lead to asthma, skin allergies and more. Exposure to these toxins not only affects those living there but the decorator too.   Barnaby Strong has had a successful decorating business and has decorated houses in South-West London, & more recently Wiltshire, for the last 10 years and saw a real opportunity to offer his clients a more natural alternative in the materials they were using. In January of this year Barn and his wife Mel launched their own brand, Strong Natural Paints, from their home in Shalbourne to great response. Most paint brands have some traces of VOC but Strong Natural Paint contains 0% and is 100% natural.  Although some of the bigger brands are changing true eco-paints are fairly new, and there are only a handful of small players offering completely natural paint. Not only does it have a beautiful range of 26 colours inspired by Barn’s years of decorating, but it is excellent quality and has extremely good coverage (or opacity in paint talk!)  The other great thing is they are competitively priced making them a great (and healthier) alternative to some of the other leading brands. They can also colour match for you and offer a number of finishes such as interior emulsion, eggshell, gloss and exterior masonry paint.   After a number of years working in the travel industry where he met his lovely wife Mel, Barny had a change of career after helping a friend with his decorating business. He loved being able to transform clients’ homes and working environments with colour and different materials and it was from this that Strong Decorating was borne in 2006.  His extensive decorating experience has really helped mould the perfect product and he now sells his paints online as well as to his decorating clients. Barn and Mel married in 2011 and moved to Wiltshire two years later.  Barn grew up in Gloucestershire  and Mel had a sunny childhood in Saudi Arabia. After a long time searching for the right place to move to they found Shalbourne quite by accident and couldn’t be happier.  They love the fact Shalbourne is a quiet, little village yet incredibly sociable and only an hour away from the hustle & bustle of London.   We worry about the chemicals we put in our body through our diet, those we put on our skin so it makes sense we should place as much important on those we put in our home.  The place we spend most of our life. People are aware of asbestos in their houses and the impact of that but paint, which adorns every room, seems to have been overlooked. Now’s the time to create a healthier home, so get one of Strong Natural paints hand-painted colour cards and you’ll be on your way… www.strongnaturalpaints.co.uk        

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