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Helping our wildlife

Helping our wildlife

Sam Bertram

26 February 2019

The environmental challenge facing us is big but there’s much we can do close to home to help.

We spoke to Paul from Meadow in my Garden, a Devizes business that not only creates wild flower seed mixes to attract pollinators to gardens but is driving change by educating people about the small steps they can take towards improving our environment.

What would you say to people who feel the challenge is too great?

‘We’ve lost more than half of our wildlife in our lifetime so there is no option, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Our seed mixtures are like a food store for pollinators. Not having a big garden is no excuse. Even if you have the smallest bit of patio you can do an awful lot for pollinating insects. We have a very simple mixture called floral planter that is suitable for window boxes, doesn’t grow too tall and is extremely tolerant. The pollinators will love it and the display is beautiful.  We all need to do our bit so that the environment can be preserved for our children and future generations’.

How should people change their thinking?

‘We need to think about how we can be kinder to our environment and that everything has a benefit. Do we really have to use pesticides or should we be looking at thinning weeds rather than eliminating them? Every bug and weed has a role too and we need to think about how we can be more sympathetic to our world. Every spoonful of soil has more living organisms than there are humans on the planet’ 

What about our public spaces?

‘There is so much we can do in our towns and cities. Roundabouts and verges, in fact any unloved space is perfect for planting wild flowers. Not only does it fill the spaces with an abundance of colourful, beneficial flowers but it can be a really low cost, low maintenance option.

The Clean up group in Devizes started because of the build-up of rubbish in the town. Together with them we started with planting one roundabout last year and hope to extend it.  CURDS (Clean up Roundway and Devizes squad) is run by Zena Robson. If interested in joining the group visit Devizes in Bloom on Facebook to see their next meeting dates.

We work nationally with lots of groups such as Team4Nature and would love to chat to anyone willing to help make our public spaces better for wildlife. If you see a space that could be better utilised get in touch with us. We also love to do talks for garden clubs, WI meetings and the like. We’re happy to give seeds to any worthy cause’.

Tell us a bit more about your seeds

‘We have a comprehensive range of seed mixes that all have a different focus. While some are good for providing butterfly habitats, others are good for sowing under trees. Some can be used for pest control in an allotment, whereas others are a food source for bees, which is great for gardens but also good if you’re a beekeeper. They are an incredibly low maintenance way of filling space with flowers that give a profusion of colour right through the season and help wildlife.’




Paul Jupp said on January 31, 2017:

Hi Anne, just a small (3m2) pack of our special 'bees' mix would be perfect - sow in April


Anne Bodenham said on January 29, 2017:

I've got an L shaped raised beds approx 6 feet by 4 feet that I'd like to plant with flowers to support bees Could you please advise me when what and the amount we should use

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