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Full Flavour Behaviour

Full Flavour Behaviour

Sam Bertram

6 September 2018

Recently voted UK’s most authentic pub by Alastair Sawday, it’s fitting that The Three Tuns Great Bedwyn chef & owner James Wilsey along with good friend Tamara have just set-up a catering arm ‘Full Flavour Behaviour” serving upmarket but casual food.

We spoke to business partner Tamara Spencer to hear all about it.


Love the name, tell us a bit about it

‘It’s all about family style feasting and Full Flavour Behaviour reflects the fact that there are lots of different elements to the sharing meal. 

We wanted to set-up a different style of catering company, something much more casual. It’s all about sharing plates and minimal service as everyone just tucks in.

It’s a much more social way of eating - getting a caterer doesn’t have to mean everything is formal.  The inspiration comes from community eating where everyone chats and laughs and there’s an easier atmosphere.

It’s taking what people enjoy in the pub to people’s houses and is most suited to gathering of up to 30 people’.


What sort of food do you serve?

‘We can do anything but as an example we’ve done an event where a beautiful plate of slow cooked smoked lamb shoulder took pride of place in the middle of the table. It was served with peas a la francaise (peas cooked in bacon and onions) along with the most delicious garlic aioli and gremolata. It was absolutely delicious with a lovely jus and exploded with flavour.

We’ve also done a table filled with lots of smoked meats and fish and James’ homemade pickled cucumber, slaws and cornichons.

For one event our puddings were meringues and strawberries, raspberries, mint and pistachio.

It’s a more rustic style of catering – an upmarket street food.’


How do you work?

‘When a client wants to work with us we come up with a whole solution of things that might be suitable. We can also do as much or as little service as the client wants us to.

Our first job in June was for a 70th birthday.  Everyone loved it and there were empty plates and smiles all round! 


And plans for the future?

‘James’ ultimate goal is to have a food truck so watch this space….

But in the meantime, please do get in touch – we’d love to make your party one that your friends will remember.’


Please call Tamara on 07900 788440 or email fullflavour@tunsfreehouse.com



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