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Damson in Distress or Boozy Mess?

Damson in Distress or Boozy Mess?

Sam Bertram

28 April 2015

Tiffinie Pride of Wiltshire Liqueur Company loves a cocktail and her personal favourite is Damson in Distress. She conceived the cocktail one evening after a hard and crazy day’s work, when her thirst needed to be quenched and resources were low. It’s Damson Vodka with ginger ale and is delicious and the first of many cocktail and recipe ideas from the Wiltshire Liqueur Company.

The Wiltshire Liqueur Company is run out of Wiltshire near Marlborough and the range includes Damson and Sloe Gin, Wild Strawberry and Blood Orange, but Tiff and partner Christopher are always looking to come up with new flavours. Bottle labels can be personalised at no extra cost, a special greeting for family or friends or to mark a life event, so they’re fantastic for gifts and are available online. They also have smaller bottle sizes available in gift boxes. Tiff spends a lot of time at fairs, she loves the buzz and meeting people, so if you spot her through the crowds pop by to pick-up one of her delicious liqueurs and hear about any recipes or cocktails she’s been creating.  

Tiff is a country girl through and through and made the great trek from Yattendon in Berkshire to Wiltshire, with a five year stopover in Hungerford to get a taste of town life, in 2008. After spending her childhood having fun outdoors and riding horses she was always well suited to rural life. She doesn’t ride now but looks longily at the horses riding past from the nearby livery, and looks forward to the day when she will be in the saddle again.  

After school Tiff worked in the travel industry, eventually for Roxtons where she met her partner Christopher. Roxtons arrange fishing and shooting holidays and started to produce Roxtons Sloe Gin for their shoots as a side-line under the company name of Wiltshire Liqueur Company. After moving to Bailey Robinson Tiff soon realised that Roxtons didn’t have enough time to focus on the liqueur side of their business, so in 2012 her and Christopher approached them to buy the business, re-branded and started to develop new flavours. 

And when she’s not creating and selling her fabulous liqueurs? Tiff loves this time of year – walking the dogs and discovering life - seeing the woods heaving with wild garlic or scattered with cowslips and bluebells. It’s in her plans to explore more of the Pewsey Vale and Marlborough Downs and she loves Savernake. Having the lovely Marlborough close by with its independent and comprehensive range of shops is a bonus and their favourite local pub is The George in Vernham Dean. She also enjoys helping Christopher on his annual trip to Russia to set-up fishing camps on the Kola Peninsula. They set-up camp for a week and then feed the clients lots of vodka when they get there. The Russians are always bemused why they put fruit in vodka! It’s a working holiday and absolutely freezing but Tiffinie loves the change of scene.

Despite selling direct to the public, Tiffinie is also keen to sell to more hotels and restaurants where her liqueurs could be used in both cooking and cocktails. 

So if you’re stuck for an original recipe this summer why not kick off with a prosecco with blood orange to toast a sunny day or try a ‘Boozy Mess’  – Eton Mess with Wild Strawberry Liqueur. Bowood House have recently concocted a gardener’s cosmopolitan with The Wiltshire Liqueur Company’s Damson Vodka, Blood Orange Liqueur, a squeeze of lime and cranberry juice.  Sounds scrumptious.  




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