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Favourite sledging spots

Favourite sledging spots

Sam Bertram

31 January 2019

Snow is here & a while ago we asked around for people’s favourite sledging spots.  Here’s the feedback.....


1. Cherhill Monument near Calne – watch out it can be very fast in places!  You can also see one of Wiltshire’s White Horses while you’re there.


2. Bradford on Avon golf course has been frequented by some mini thrill seekers.


3. The hill above Alton Barnes on the Pewsey Downs is not for the faint hearted. Hold on to your sledges.


4. Head to Heaven’s Gate at the top of Prospect Hill and enjoy the views across the parkland of Longleat and Longleat House before you jump on.


5. Closer to Swindon? Try Coate Water Park, Liddington Hill or the Lawns Woods in Old Town.


6. If you’re in Chippenham head to Monkton Park.


7. Locals love Treacle Bolley in Marlborough or try corner field off the London Road.


8. If you live near Salisbury Plain Widdington Motorcross field at Widdington Farm near Upavon gives a good ride.


9. Take in history while you sledge at Avebury.  Going between the stones can be terrifying but it’s easy to stop at the bottom of the hill.


10. In Malmesbury the place to go is The Worthies - near the entrance to Reeds Farm, opposite the Co-op and below the cricket club and another great spot opposite Willis Brothers at Cowbridge (on the B4042).


11. Bratton Alps is popular amongst locals. Go up Stradbrook into Imber Road for fantastic sledging.


12. TAKE NOTE: No sledging trip is complete without a cup of hot chocolate waiting at home at the end & be careful!


Got some more suggestions? We really want to hear about good sledging spots nearer Salisbury, Westbury & Tisbury area. Email us on hello@localuncovered.com and we’ll add them in.



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