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Balmain and Balmain have been making quality sofas and chairs since 1987 and Henrietta Gillespie now runs the bespoke furniture business, which was started by her parents, from her home in Wilton near Marlborough. 

If you’ve ever felt daunted by the large furniture stores where they offer very little flexibility or help, then try settling into one of Henrietta’s own comfy sofas while she guides you through the possibilities. 

You decide on the depth, the number of seats and the fabric. Choose from straight back, serpentine spring back, cushion back, inset scroll arms, capped-on -arms, bun-feet, kick-peat skirts, turned legs and many more options. 

All the furniture and accessories are made in the UK at Balmain and Balmain’s own workshop. The result is top quality, bespoke furniture without the high street overheads. 

The big difference with Balmain and Balmain” says Henrietta “ is that you view the possibilities in a home environment and have my undivided attention. There are plenty of examples on show to give you ideas, but nothing is fixed. Every piece we make is unique”.


My Wiltshire

My family and I live near the Wilton Windmill and nearby are the Bedwyn and Wilton “Brails” (a forest term for an enclosed wood stocked with deer).  It’s a great area for walking with plenty to see and do.

Henrietta Gillespie

Our top things to do in Wiltshire

Walking in the Brails and along the Kennet and Avon Canal

Walking through the Brails is a must, plus at the same time you can take in The Wilton Windmill, followed by a walk along the canal.


The Crofton Beam Engines at Crofton

A great place to walk to or just for a visit. Wonderful place for tea or an ice cream in the summer and, if you are really lucky, some weekends they are put to work pumping the water back up the canal.


The Swan at Wilton

The Swan is a big hit in our family. It is a great place to start either of the above walks from. They are very child and dog friendly and always go out of their way to be helpful.


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