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Marlborough Food Assembly

The Marlborough Food Assembly puts local consumers in touch with local food. As a food assembly member, you can shop local produce online and go to the same venue every week to meet the producers and pick up your pre-ordered local produce.

Producers from within 25 miles will be offering their produce online. Find local milk, eggs, cheese, organic vegetables, fish, ciders, cakes, honey, preserves and healthy home cooked meals. Shop at your convenience from home and then head to the Rugby Club, Marlborough every Thursday from 4.00pm to 6.00pm to pick it up.

‘Food Assemblies started in France and there are no more than 700 assemblies across Europe. If you’re interested in the quality of food and its provenance then the Food Assembly is for you. Community is at the heart of The Food Assembly connecting neighbours to farmers and neighbours to each other. We’re hoping the assemblies will be an event you look forward to’.

Reducing waste is key as farmers and food makers know exactly how much to deliver in advance and food miles are decreased. You’re also supporting your local economy. In a world that needs us to act in a more sustainable way this is one of the first steps towards that. Sign-up at The Food Assembly to start shopping.

Our Wiltshire

There is so much fabulous food & drink on our doorstep. We have been amazed how much Wiltshire has to offer.

Sam Bertram

Where to find us


Marlborough Rugby Club
The Common
Frees Avenue

07980 609785




Shop online and pick up your local produce every Thursday from 4.00pm to 6.00pm


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