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Noremead at East Farm

Laura Corbett is a 3rd generation farmer at East Farm stretching from Avebury to the Ridgeway.

‘We were a Dairy farm until 2016 but rising costs and instability forced us to adapt and change. Growing maize, wheat and barley, we now have a herd of rare breed White Park cattle to graze our conservation pasture, and in Autumn 2017 we introduced Boer goats to rear for meat.’

‘We’ve invested in our farm to safeguard it for future generations. With great success we have created habitats on the farm, to encourage wildlife species to thrive. To safeguard our income, we have invested in un-traditional business ventures, that are not dependent on the weather or international markets.'

Their indoor pool ‘The Blue Lagoon’ is available for private hire and swimming lessons. With Goat meat growing in popularity, and set to be the latest Food trend for 2019, Noremead is confident their goat herd will grow, as the public learn and enjoy the health benefits of this exceptionally lean red meat. With the movement to Slow Food, and the historic heritage of Avebury and the wider World Heritage site, the White Park cattle pay homage to it all and more.

As if that isn’t enough for Laura to juggle alongside a young family, they regularly play host to events – Open Farm Sunday, the annual Race to the Stones to name just a couple. And if you’re looking for animal therapy and laughter, why not experience Noremead’s Goat Pilates!

My Wiltshire

To be up on the Marlborough downs in all weathers is to feel part of history. Watching our White Park Cattle peacefully chewing the cud, whilst birds and butterflies dance, gives me time to stop, take a breath and consider the world beneath my feet and all its glory! Just as my forefathers before me, I am fortunate to hear the serenade of bird song each morning, and marvel at the many miracles of nature I see every day on the farm. I am so fortunate this is my daily office, and to share it with others is a great delight.

Laura Corbett

Our top things to do in Wiltshire

West Kennett Long Barrow

This is a personal favourite, having walked many a time up to the barrow as a child, I love to share it now with my family! Exploring into this untouched tomb and chambers some nearly 6000 years old, marvels and excites us every time. And then you turn, and see the most fabulous view of Silbury Hill, and you wish you had brought a picnic!!

51.408820, -1.851094

Experience Avebury’s Annual Wassail

Join in with blessing the local Avebury Orchards, whilst scaring the evil spirits away with the clashing of pots and pans. This good humoured event, is steeped in tradition and meaning and is for the whole family. You are unlikely to have experienced anything like this before!

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