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Clarissa and Yosh Reilly used to live in Papua New Guinea, where the local motto “expect the unexpected” fits their new vintage furniture emporium in Pewsey very well.

Digger and Mojo is a great place for browsing. Here you’ll find a real mix of quirky, fun furniture, and cool 60’s designs amongst more classic and decorative pieces; all chosen for their character and lovingly restored with traditional skills.

Clarissa hunts out pieces at auctions, fairs and salvage yards “I always look out for items that have something special to say, and keep a list of things that people have asked us to search for. Some we refurbish to our own designs, and some we keep ready for you to select the colour, finish and fabric that best suits your home.”

“There is nothing quite like this between London and Bath, and while our website prices all include shipping to anywhere in the UK, for Wiltshire locals shopping and taking items home themselves from our workshop, we give great discounts. As an example we’ve recently restored a fabulously elaborate Italian mirror. In London it would be over £2000, whereas ours direct from the workshop is just under £500.”

Our Wiltshire

We love Pewsey for the extraordinary number of things you can do and buy here, from the famous Carnival to the auction house, funky wool shop, art gallery, great charity shops and lots more. It’s a fascinating mix - plus the direct train line into London!

Clarissa Reilly

Where to find us


Unit 9 & A,
Woodborough Garden Centre,

01672 562222 / 07733 431748




Hire furniture to dress your property for sale or rental or for photoshoots


We can mend, revamp or upholster your furniture


Furnishing your home


Our top things to do in Wiltshire

Pewsey Carnival

A fortnight of fun in our wonderful large village, with all the local shop windows decorated around that year’s theme. Watch the excitement, hilarity and devastation as teams of runners and drinkers in fancy dress race around Pewsey in the events formerly known as the Wine Race and the Wheelbeero (new names escape me – Health and Safety…) The festivities culminate in the huge crescendo of the Carnival Procession itself – a triumph of time, effort and community spirit. Wiltshire’s oldest continuous Carnival and a must-go for oldtimers and newcomers to the area alike.


Real Ales & Ciders at The Three Castles Brewery

Delicious take home Real Ales and Ciders from Pewsey’s own microbrewery. Wonderful heritage beers brewed on the premises three doors down from us at Salisbury Road Business Park. Yosh’s favourite is “Vale Ale” but he’s working his way through the range. Various sizes of casks and containers are available, depending on your consumption levels (!) they even have a personalised label service – personal labels for a special occasion can be produced for bottles and containers – your own party/wedding/birthday Brew….


Walking up Milk Hill near Alton Barnes

A fantastic walk at any time of year. Park and cross the road and walk up to the White Horse – check out its spindly legs – the 19c workers refused to dig a wider outline after the architect in charge ran off with their wages…! Children are always fascinated by the sheer scale of something so familiar they’ve seen from the car. The Pewsey Vale and beyond spreads before you; at 295m above sea level, you’re at Wiltshire’s highest point. Over the seasons you may spot rare wild flowers, paraponters and corn circles. Blow away the cobwebs or walk off your Sunday Lunch.


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