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Meadow in my garden

Childhood memories of running around in colourful wild meadows are often the most treasured, but sadly meadows are in decline along with our wildlife. Paul and Lesley have created flower meadow mixes that encourage wildlife & pollinators to gardens.

‘Nature is in dire trouble and we want to make maintaining the natural order & biodiversity of local environments mainstream. We join up people and businesses interested in nature and improving the environment. We do talks and love working with schools and communities to inspire and help bring about this change’.

All their mixtures attract a wide range of pollinators with some serving as an alternative to pesticides. Whether they are best for butterflies, ladybirds or acting against aphids they provide a beautiful and colourful display. Their edible flower collection means there’s plenty of choice for creative chefs.

Not just for meadows they thrive best on impoverished land so are great for gardens where there’s more rubble than soil! One customer said ‘For honeybees, bumblebees, butterflies, dragonflies & other creatures it has been heavenly’.

They also sell other local products - bee houses and meadow inspired picnic bags, rugs, garden shoes and greeting cards online, at shows and from their new shop in Woodborough.

As individuals we can all make a difference, will you?

Our Wiltshire

When we moved to Wiltshire many years ago we found a magical place where evidence of our rich history are all around us, not least in the glorious flower meadows. This great diversity of plants (Salisbury Plain is the largest, unspoiled grassland area left in Europe) supports an equal abundance of wildlife & pollinators. Such countryside is an echo of a previously more vibrant British landscape that inspired poets & artists.


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