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  • Love Food

    Lucinda Bevan is a nutritional therapist & chef with a keen interest in the brain. She provides one to one consultation, advises businesses & restaurants on nutrition and can come to your home to run lively and informative nutritional cookery demonstrations with your friends. Her latest venture is 'Love Food at home' making home cooked food for people local to Marlborough. Her popular Christmas hampers are a treat - beautiful seagrass hampers filled with delicious homemade goodies. As a nutritionist, the real difference with Lucinda’s approach is that she understands the link between eating well and feeling good. “At my cooking demonstrations some people come to learn recipes that will help them with depression or anxiety whilst others may have seen ingredients in the shops in the “healthy eating” aisle, such as spelt, quinoa or buckwheat but they don’t know what to do with them. Quinoa can end up as revolting mess or wonderfully delicious depending on how it’s cooked. I show how to do it well while explaining about the ingredients and the benefits for a healthy lifestyle.” Those who've attended Lucinda's nutrition workshops or cooking demonstrations comment on how friendly and sociable those events are. Those who've tried her food love it - it always disappears very quickly!...»

  • GyiDance - Dance Movement Psychotherapy

    Dance has always brought joy and been an integral part of human societies - a way for individuals and groups to express themselves. It’s ability to bring health benefits to body and mind inspired dance artist Hannah Creighton to qualify as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist (DMP) in 2009. ‘Your body stores memories and dance and movement helps release these held emotions. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, where individuals are expected to talk, it’s a gentler and more positive way of expressing oneself and accesses places that words can't reach. DMP, either with groups or individuals, has enormous benefits for those who need a way to channel negative energy. If you’re not feeling physically or emotionally well or experiencing stress, it can help. More specific issues include Dementia, Loss, Anxiety, Depression and Autism. ‘It’s a creative process – we use dance, music, colour and props like hoops and balls and even stillness, finding the method that best suits the individual. We work on building trust so that the relationship can be explored.’ Based in Box, Hannah has also recently qualified as a Creative Clinical Supervisor. This means she can help fellow practitioners improve their offers while continuing to assist people and their wellbeing through dance. ...»